From Pandora

Album: Hollow Chested and Hopeless (2011)

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Song: Dream

Bitrate: 192kbps

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It all started in the Fall of 2002 when George heard an annoying drummer in the dorms. George conceived of a band that was to follow in the style of the deftones, and so he pursued Jerry, the bands current drummer and producer. Soon following, Mike was added to the band as their sole guitarist. However, From Pandora soon realized that 2 guitarists would be necessary to assault the ears of their listeners properly. Thus, Jon was born in to the From Pandora family. The next addition was the current bassist and funk master, Greg. With a complete lineup, From Pandora began to shape the sound that you hear today. After a year of playing, writing and learning, Mike decided to pursue his own interests and in the Spring of 2002, Dan joined From Pandora as their second guitarist. So they departed on their quest. With Jerry''s pounding truer than his own heartbeat, George''s yearning scream and choral voice, Jon''s rhythm born from the metronome in his heart, Greg''s driving bass lines, and Dan''s subtle melodies, From Pandora strives to bring a 5 song ep to light in the Fall of 2003. Greg quit in fall 2003 before Wakefest, however, we found another awesome bassist serio and are working on our second ep.